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Poems on Luna Luna Magazine:
“the bed asks” & “Eve”

Into Account Blog:
Institutionalized voyeurism, Kavanaugh and linear narratives

Articles on Outspoken:
Breadth and Width of Fullness: Reflections of BMC’s 40th Anniversary
A Holy Divorce: A Queer Reflection of the Future Church Summit
Historically-Grounded Organizing:  A Reflection on Stonewall
Coming home to our bodies: trauma and justice  (also published on Our Stories Untold and The Mennonite)
Expressions of Pride
Virgin Nation Review: Evangelical Purity Culture

Lavender Review:
“Room for the Holy Spirit”
Featured on Cold Front Magazine’s “This Morning” on June 15, 2016

September 6, 2015- Feature at the Mercury Cafe

May 5, 2015- Meditation/Contemplative Prayer with Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual, led by Kate Stoltzfus, reading “How to Pray” in “Becoming Hallowed”

A short overview of Hayley’s chapbook is available here:
“Becoming Hallowed” Press Release 

Goshen College’s The Record featured the release of “Becoming Hallowed”
GC celebrates second round of Pinchpenny publications 

Articles in The Record:
Beyond theology and tradition: the hiring policy is about human rights
Queer erasure and representation in Gadfly
Living out our truths at LGBTQ people
Safety, risk and reclaiming silence